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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Tawang, an ancient hamlet studded on the craggy peaks of Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh, is the last bastion of Tibetan Buddhist monastic community. The indigenous Monpa tribesmen harps on the olden historic way of life. A well chalked out road-trip to Tawang from the plains of Guwahati is a delight for a mountain lover.

A place rich with all the strange beauty of your night time dreams and allure of a distant azure Himalayan sky.

Home to the famous Tawang Monastery, this beautiful destination nestled between the Chinese and Bhutanese borders has some of the most scenic lakes and landscapes all around it. Apart from the Tawang Monastery, the four-hundred years old Urgelling Monastery is a great find and so are the Brahmadung Nunnery, fondly referred to as the Anni Gompa by the locals, and the Tawang War Memorial which is dedicated to our soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Chinese aggression of 1962.

With its tranquil environment, unsullied nature, and rich cultural heritage, the ancient town of Tawang is a handful for the true explorer has come to be recognized for offering natural beauty, spiritual solace, and a generous dose of adventure, for every seeker.

Tawang weather can be classified as a temperate mountain, with warm but pleasant summers and cold and frosty winters. There is also occasional snowfall in Tawang in winters. The best time to visit is in the summer months but before the onset of the rains, i.e., between March and June, when the temperature here is comfortable enough to explore the outdoor sites.

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