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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This place, Panimur, is situated in Umrangso tehsil of Dima Hasao District of Assam, near the town of Lanka.

To reach there from Guwahati, the distance is fairly 220 km. Panimur has recently become famous for its beautiful, gushy waterfalls which will make you feel that you are visiting some international hotspot. It might also be considered as a mini-Niagara Falls of Assam because of its incredible features.

The most visitor might not know about the fact that tells a history of Dimasa Legendary Princess- "Dishrudi Haflongbar" and the holy place for the Dimasas. It is purely a holy bath place for the people of Dimasas.

The best time to visit in Panimur Water Falls is autumn and Winter Season as in this season people can explore that place with lots of happiness.

Avoid visiting in summer season because in summer the climate became so hot and humid so visit in a cool awesome weather where you can explore anything without any hesitation. In monsoon the river became devastating so winter and spring is the best option.

If you want, you can go in the summer too, but in the beginning of March, April, but if you go in June, July, then you will be disturbed by the heat there.

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